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The Neumans

Friends of the family way back when we were in Winnipeg. Murray moved out here and started a family and I ended up out here also. He's the Realtor of the crowd and a great guy. Real Estate needs?

An old buddy from the Winnipeg days. Kevin Westberg and his family. Good to talk to him again after all these years.... more about him later.

Sean, Lori and Liam Frain

Been a while since I saw these people, but you'll have to agree they don't seem to change much.

They are both training to be firefighters....wanna roast a weenie!!???

Sorry about all the digits in the air, but that's all I had to satisfy myself as per friend pics... I don't find myself keeping scanned photo's of myself on my computer... don't worry.. I'll get more...



As soon as I get them, I post'm