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Videos of Oct 8th 2007 (really this is the second sessions of flight as the first ended up in a nose dive after 15 seconds due to pilot error and servo speed / trimming). End of excuses

DiX codec required... go here http://www.divx.com/ if you cannot view.


Movie 1    (19sec)<----- Documentation and smiles before possible crash.

Movie 2    (1min 31sec)

Movie 3    (19seconds)

Movie 4    (3min 6sec)

Movie 5    (2min 30sec)<-----this is the best one.

Movie 6    (45sec)

Movie 7    (1min 10sec)

Movie 8    (45sec)


October 9th 2007

Movie 9   (7min 12sec)<-----6min 42sec in a spectator kid thought that was "cool"

Movie 10    (43sec)

Movie 11    (43sec)

Movie 12    (2min 30sec)

Movie 13    (5min 38sec)